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Conference Interpreting

Conference, Platform, Stage, Meetings, Workshops



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Things to Consider

Pre Conference Considerations: 

  • Airfare, hotel (paid?) Do you have to room with another interpreter?

  • Prep material provided?

    • Paid prep time?

    • Meet with Deaf presenters

  • Hourly rate sometimes higher (high pressure/stage/dense/difficult information) 

  • Paid session by session or full day flat rate?

  • Familiarize yourself with the topic/acronyms/important people for that organization. 


During Conference Considerations: 

  • Food (are they providing it? Do you need to go get it?)

  • Per Diem? 

  • Do you have your team/the team of interpreters contact info? (group texts/app)

  • Will you have a POC on-site? If so, who and do you have their contact info?

  • Parking paid?

  • Advocate for sufficient breaks (bathroom, food, rest) 

  • Always have water and snacks with you. 

  • Conference attire is typically more business vs business casual - we typically match the presenters.  Comfortable shoes - lots of walking/standing


Post Conference Considerations: 

  • Who to invoice? 

  • Conference feedback provided?


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