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Freelance Interpreting 

Freelance, Independent Contractor, IC, Self-Employed, Vendor




  • "Establishing a Freelance Interpretation Business: Professional Guidance for Sign Language Interpreters (4th edition)" -  by Tammera J Richards

  • "The Interpreter's Quick Guide to Self-Employment (2nd Edition)" - by Rosemary Johnson 


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Things to consider

General Interpreting Standards (varies by professional, agency, region and state)

  • 2 hour minimum

  • 1 hour minimum 

  • 24 or 48 hour cancellation 

  • Hourly rates (day/night/weekend)

  • Payment expected within 30-45 days

  • Admin fee/Mileage (Federal and/or State rate)

  • Team interpreting for jobs 1hour or longer.  *Situational* 

  • Prep paid time.  *Situational*  

  • Portal to Portal

  • Travel time 

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